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What we can do for you

Media Campaigns: We research and plan in detail every aspect of a media campaign as far as possible in advance, tailoring it to your individual needs, and then work 100% (and more!) to ensure it is a success.

Press Relations: From working under embargo, to planning, writing and assembling of press-packs, we create and shape opinion across our media contacts across the globe. We are in constant contact with journalists from around the world to ensure the right audience and interest for your project.

Press Trips: We have a great experience in organising and implementing press trips from across the world. Small or large, we can arrange and advise on how to ensure your guests have the best possible experience.

Digital Identity: Social Media is today essential for any media campaign: it is all about conversation, interaction and promotion of the key messages and news to a community. We create the right conditions in which your desired 2.0 identity can develop and grow.

Visual Content: Many publications, online newswires and websites embed films into their websites or send them out by way of newsletters; we can advise on their content and production, ensuring that the best images are being sent out to the world.

Marketing: We ensure that any media campaign is fully supported by visibility in the best advertorial outlets.

Media Partnerships: We can arrange and oversee partnerships and alliances with a broad range of print, broadcast and online media.

Global Partnerships: We make introductions with like-minded individuals, curators, companies and potential collaborators. Whatever the project, we work to ensure that you are never alone.

Events and Hospitality: We always emphasise the importance of one to one contact with your public. We have a great experience in planning and managing events, ranging from press launches and conferences to intimate dinners, lunches and drinks. In collaboration with our clients, we ensure that the right guests are present at any event, and always ensure that all involved are fully briefed in advance.